About Us

Brandella Uniforms is proud to be Australian owned and operated.

Brandella has been manufacturing school and corporate uniform items for over 80 years.

Brandella supplies many of Australia’s well known schools, leading corporations and government departments.


The majority of our uniform manufacturing plant is now based in our new retail/factory site in Preston. This site includes knitting, pressing, cutting, sewing, embroidery, inspection and packing. 

Our workforce is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of manufacturing.

Brandella Uniforms is experienced in producing jumpers, rugby tops, scarves, socks, shirts/blouses, dresses and skirts.

Parents of today’s school children can identify with the Brandella brand as they more than likely wore Brandella socks or jumpers in their school days. 

Brandella is truly an Australian national brand synonymous for quality school wear and knitwear. The majority of our product is Australian made.

We intend to produce the best item that reflects value for money. 

We aim to meet or exceed existing standards our customers expect in respect to knitwear.

We encourage people to consider Brandella when next sourcing their Australian made knitwear.